Smartphones in healthcare

Today’s smartphones are devices with advanced computing capabilities and connectivity which also have a wide range of built-in sensors. These features make the smartphones a good platform for telehealth,  health-related services and information via telecommunications.

Using smartphones and communication networks it is possible for practitioners and patients to collect remote aggregate health data, provide care via mobile telemedicine, and real-time monitoring of patients. Different systems have been developed, that take advantage of the new technologies and devices.

Autodiagnosis and telemedicine

  • Poket Doc is like having a doctor in your pocket. It allows you to search for and compare information about health services and pricing based on location, condition or a doctor’s speciality.
  • Scanadu (available in 2014) is an app connected with a scanner device packet with sensors to check the temperature, heart rate, oximetry, ecg wave, heart’s beats, pulse, urine analysis and stress. The app keeps the report with all the information and it contacts to the doctor in case of emergency.
  • uCheck analyzes the urine. Users have to purchase a kit containing urine test strips that can be visually analyzed with the iPhone’s camera.
  • Mango Health lets patients monitor their use of medications by setting up schedules for taking their medication. When it is time to take the medications, it reminds them through notifications.


Patient monitoring

  • Asthmapolis is connected with a sensor that patients can place on the inhaler. The app collects all the data and information. It is used by doctors to monitor asthma symptoms and create the patients report.
  • Dr. Diabetes provides diabetes awareness, monitoring and management to patients with chronic illness. It provides medical data (via the cloud) to physicians for accurate diagnosis.
  • AirStrip allows doctors check in on patients and review their vitals, cardiac waveforms, medications, intakes and outputs, and allergies. The phone is connected to a bedside monitor and send the collected data to doctors or caregivers through cellular or Wi-Fi connection.
  • GI Monitor is an app that helps patients with Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis track their symptoms and provide accurate data to physicians for optimal treatment. Data is synchronized across all platforms in real-time and users can print out easy-to-read reports for their physicians.
  • RheumaTrack is a patient diary app which record pain on the VAS scale. Patients have to record their pain, use of medication and activities. All this information is useful for the doctors.



Studying with an iPad

Listening to music, watching movies, reading books, playing games, surfing the web, checking your email, locating a place… a world of possibilities are concentred in such a minimal thing as the iPad. A very useful tool specially if we use it for productive tasks, for example, studying. We have everything in an interactive screen, which makes it so much comfortable than carrying thousands of documents and papers.


No additional hardware is needed to use the iPad at the university or school. However,  there are some useful gadgets when you take notes:

  •  Stylus: to sketch, annotate, draw, handwrite and mark up documents with more precision than your fingers.


  • GoodReader: one of the best apps to write notes on your documents (PDFs, TXT files, Powerpoints, images…). You can use typewriter text boxes, sticky notes, lines, arrows, freehand drawings…
  • iAnnotate PDF: one of the best apps for PDF reading with dynamic highlighting, a pen tool, notes and bookmarks.
  • iStudiez Pro: a good way to manage your courses: calendars, timetables, tasks, professors, exams…
  • Pages: word processor to create documents with written text, images, tables, graphics….
  • Keynote: to create beautiful presentations with graphics, animations and effects.
  • Documents To Go: to view, edit and create Microsoft word, Excel and Powerpoint files.
  • Moodle EZ: to access and manages all your M courses.
  • iTunes U: if you want to keep learning, iTunes U is full of courses, tutorials, resources for students.

Following TV shows through Internet

September is when most of the TV series start, so now is the moment to get ready for it. Internet offers a lot of possibilities to follow them: official webpages, blogs, facebook’s accounts, twitter account’s… However, there are other interesting applications for the computer or smartphone:

  • Official webpages: the best way to know all the information related with your favourite TV shows. Moreover, if you’re in US, you can play it on streaming.
  • iMDB: the biggest database wich contains all the information about TV series and movies: plots, actors, curiosities, reviews…
  • iTV Shows for iPhone and iPad: shows management application to keep track of every show you follow and what episodes you have seen or not. The app will remind you where you left it and when the new episode is going to be aired.
  • MyTVShows: similar to iTV Shows but as a website service.
  • TV Shows for Mac: application to easily find and download new episodes: you only have to open TV Shows, subscribe to your favourite shows and turn it off. Next time a new episode is aired, it will automatically download it.
  • Miso for iPhone and iPad: a social network to share what you are watching. Check-in to TV episodes and movies to share what you watch and connect with friends who watch the same shows as you.
  • Blogs and unofficial websites: googling is the best way to find blogs and unofficial websites about your favourite TV series. You will usually find more information than official webpages and from different points of view. news, episode reviews, quotes, videos, photos or curiosities.

How to play videos from iPad or iPhone to the TV

The iPad and iPhone screen size is comfortable enaugh to watch videos, but sometimes we need to play them on a bigger screen, such as a widescreen TV or a video projection screen. Here there are some different ways to do it:


Airplay is the best solution to stream videos, music and photos wirelessly to the TV through appleTV. However, the new smartTVs and AV recievers incorporate Airplay, so they work as an appleTV to play iPad/iPhone videos.

It’s easy to stream the iPad/iPhone videos, music or photos: you just need to download the AirPlayit app from Apple Store on your iPad/iPhone, open it, choose the video you want, turn on appleTV, SmartTV or AV reciever and play it!

Apple Digital AV adapter

The Apple AV adapter connected on your iDevice work as a mirror: what you see on iPad/iPhone (slides, movies, photos, games…) is what you see on your bigger screen.

Apple Composite AV cable

This adapter allows to easily connect the iPhone/iPad to the composite video inputs on a TV or video projector. When you play a video from the Video app or Safari you will see it on your bigger screen. You can also play music and watch photos on it.

Best apps to explore Barcelona

iPhone apps are increasingly becoming an essential gear not only for great travellers, but also for the people living in the city. Here is a list of some of the best apps I have come across for Barcelona.


  • TMB Virtual (TMB): augmented-reality app to make access to public transport easier: find quickly the transport you need, plan your route, locate the transport closest to you and find out how much time is left until the next bus passes.
  • Barcelona Metro Map (TMB): app for travelling and planning journeys around Barcelona: route planner, location of nearest stations…
  • BCNBus (TMB): displays the expected arrival time for TMB buses in Barcelona.
  • Bus Turistic Virtual (TMB): augmented-reality app to locate all of the Barcelona Bus Turístic stops and points of interest closest to you.
  • Bicing: it lets you know the availability of bicycles and anchors to better plan your trips.


  • Barcelona Street Map: offline street maps of Barcelona (No WiFi, 3G and GPRS connection required).
  • CityMaps2Go: offline map app to download worldwide maps such as Barcelona or Catalonia map and once downloaded use them any time and anywhere (no 3G or WiFi required).

City guide

  • Barcelona Guide (mtrip): travel guide packed with tons of places to visit, personalized and automated trip itineraries, offline maps and navigation, augmented reality and trip sharing.
  • Barcelona Travel Guide (Lonely Panet): reviews, recomendations, sights, striking images and interactive maps to discover neighbourhood and plan your itinerary in Barcelona.
  • Time Out Barcelona: track down the bestbitson-the-go, featuring the lowdown on great museums, attractions, restaurants, bars, arts, entertainment and nightlife for Barcelona.


My Top10 iPad apps

The iPad Apple Store holds around 300.000 apps for sale. In this post I will show my 10 choices trying to cover the main categories of apps. These choices are based on the apps I use the most.

  • GoodReader: app to read, annotate and highlight documents (pdf, doc, ppt, txt, images, videos…) in a variety of ways (even with the finger).
  • Pages: word processing app with powerful tools and charts.
  • Penultimate: app to take handwriting notes, kep sketches and much more.
  • Things: task manager app to manage to-dos, notes, due dates and projects.
  • iBooks: download and read books on your iPad.
  • Dropbox: sync all your computers and devices to a cloud in order to access to your documents anywhere you go.
  • TweetBot: the most powerfull twitter app.
  • iDraw: drawing and illustration app where you can create multiple layers, add text & images, use brushes…
  • Snapseed: app to edit photos, add special effects and more.
  • AVPlayer HD: play all video formats (without mp4 conversion). Options of subtitles or streaming from the computer are also supported.

Do you agree with my top10 iPad apps? Which are your favourite ones? Comment and share yours.