The most useful google services

Google is the number one searching online engine used by millions of people everyday. But Google is more than a searcher: the list of products, services and tools is huge. Some of them started as independent projects developed by Google engineers, such as Google News or Gmail, others come from the acquisition of companies like Youtube or Blogger. Nowadays Google have hundreds of tools, services and applications including desktop, mobile and online products.


  • Gmail: One of the most used email services.
  • Google Translator: online translation tool to instantly translate text and webpages.
  • Google Maps: map-based services including street maps (Google Maps),satellite images, a route planner for travelling by foot, car bike or public transport (Google Transit), 360° panoramic street-level views of various locations (Google Street View)…
  • Google Calendar: an online calendar to keep track all events and receive event reminders.
  • Google Reader is a RSS feed reader.  It is the perfect tool for the people who like  reading blogs and news from several different web sites.
  • Google News: it is a news site that aggregates headlines from news sources worldwide.

Suites, storage, payment… 

  • Google Drive provides storage space on the cloud. It is a way to synchronize with Google Docs (docs, spreadsheats, presentations), Google Drawings (drawings), Google Forms (forms), pivot tables, app Scripts..
  • Google Desktop is an interface to remotely access your computer files, images, emails, pretty much anything. It needs to install an app to start indexing all the content of the computer.
  • Google Play is a shop to buy and listen music, to read books, to find movies, games and Android apps.
  • Google Wallet provides a secure means of shopping in the virtual marketplace.

Photo and Video

  • Youtube: the most popular video platform.
  • Picasa is an image organizer in image viewer that allows to share albums and photos online.
  • Google TV to watch shows online or listen to radio.
  • Google Goggles is an image recognition app to search by taking a picture with the smartphone. The photo is used to find more information about products, famous landmarks, paintings, QR codes…
  • Google Talk allows to chat with google contacts on the internet using  Google Chat.
  • Google Voice gives you a Google number to forward call/text to all your phones. It also provides free PC-to-phone calls (US) and PC-to-PC video and audio calling, international calls, text message…


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