The future in a post-PC era

Do you think the smartphones/tablets will be the dominant way we interact with the world around us? Or do you think the future will be sprinkled with enchanted objects? That’s what the MIT Enterprise Forum discussed on October 9th in the Innovation Battle: Competing visions for the future in a post-PC era, which I had the opportunity to join.

The panel of experts who battle out two competing vision included some of Boston’s bests on the topic and was moderated by  Lora Kratchounova from Scratch Marketing + Media.

Michael Davies (Founder and Chairman at Endeavour Partners)

Michael believes the future is Mobile because everyone has one all of the time with broadband connectivity. Moreover lots of developers around the world are constantly creating new apps providing new functionalities.

David Rose (Research Scientist at MIT Media Lab)

David is against Michael’s opinion. He thinks that mobile will act as a remote control for objects but it’s more important the wearability, usability, learnability… Pandora chair is a good example.

Ari Adler ( Design and Community Lead at IDEO)
Ari doesn’t have a strong opinion. He thinks in the future will coexist both: we will always bring the mobile all time, but we must be able to interact with the world.

Adam Laughlin (Lifelong Kindergarten,  MIT Media Lab’s)

Adam focused on learning toward Mobile. The problem of mobiles is that we need to open the app, so we don’t use it if it’s not important for us. That’s the strongest point of enhanted objects, they meet our everyday needs and demands.

Jennifer Lum (Co-Founder at Adelphic Mobile)

Jennifer is a co-founder of Adelphic Mobile and mentor of 500 startups, most of them focused on mobile advertising. She also works on Apple iAd, so she thinks the future is mobile.

I think we are now in a mobile-era. We can do almost everything with our smartphone or tablet (connectivity is very important). Enchanted objects needs evolution, but in a few years it will gain in popularity. In the future we will need both apps and objects. I’m ready for The Internet of Things! What about you?


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