How to play videos from iPad or iPhone to the TV

The iPad and iPhone screen size is comfortable enaugh to watch videos, but sometimes we need to play them on a bigger screen, such as a widescreen TV or a video projection screen. Here there are some different ways to do it:


Airplay is the best solution to stream videos, music and photos wirelessly to the TV through appleTV. However, the new smartTVs and AV recievers incorporate Airplay, so they work as an appleTV to play iPad/iPhone videos.

It’s easy to stream the iPad/iPhone videos, music or photos: you just need to download the AirPlayit app from Apple Store on your iPad/iPhone, open it, choose the video you want, turn on appleTV, SmartTV or AV reciever and play it!

Apple Digital AV adapter

The Apple AV adapter connected on your iDevice work as a mirror: what you see on iPad/iPhone (slides, movies, photos, games…) is what you see on your bigger screen.

Apple Composite AV cable

This adapter allows to easily connect the iPhone/iPad to the composite video inputs on a TV or video projector. When you play a video from the Video app or Safari you will see it on your bigger screen. You can also play music and watch photos on it.


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