Best apps to explore Barcelona

iPhone apps are increasingly becoming an essential gear not only for great travellers, but also for the people living in the city. Here is a list of some of the best apps I have come across for Barcelona.


  • TMB Virtual (TMB): augmented-reality app to make access to public transport easier: find quickly the transport you need, plan your route, locate the transport closest to you and find out how much time is left until the next bus passes.
  • Barcelona Metro Map (TMB): app for travelling and planning journeys around Barcelona: route planner, location of nearest stations…
  • BCNBus (TMB): displays the expected arrival time for TMB buses in Barcelona.
  • Bus Turistic Virtual (TMB): augmented-reality app to locate all of the Barcelona Bus Turístic stops and points of interest closest to you.
  • Bicing: it lets you know the availability of bicycles and anchors to better plan your trips.


  • Barcelona Street Map: offline street maps of Barcelona (No WiFi, 3G and GPRS connection required).
  • CityMaps2Go: offline map app to download worldwide maps such as Barcelona or Catalonia map and once downloaded use them any time and anywhere (no 3G or WiFi required).

City guide

  • Barcelona Guide (mtrip): travel guide packed with tons of places to visit, personalized and automated trip itineraries, offline maps and navigation, augmented reality and trip sharing.
  • Barcelona Travel Guide (Lonely Panet): reviews, recomendations, sights, striking images and interactive maps to discover neighbourhood and plan your itinerary in Barcelona.
  • Time Out Barcelona: track down the bestbitson-the-go, featuring the lowdown on great museums, attractions, restaurants, bars, arts, entertainment and nightlife for Barcelona.



2 thoughts on “Best apps to explore Barcelona

  1. Very useful – thank you. However, bicing bikes are not available to tourists (you need an address in Catalonia for the card to be sent to) so unless you’ve a local contact you’re out of luck!

    • Glad to know that! And yes, bicing is only available for the people who lives in Barcelona: a local adress is needed and the card is valid during 1 year. I’ll update the post with this information.

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