New ways of Internet use

Nowadays, the process of redefining the way we are consuming digital content and generally the way in which the Internet is used has strengthened. The model based on the possession of content is evolving to a model where the important thing is to access to the content itself, wherever you are. This is the access mode online or streaming.

Having a streaming service, you can enjoy the content without downloading the file and viewing in real-time, which undoubtedly contributes to improving the experience of use. However, the lower quality is the main disadvantage.

The video and/or audio is coded using AVI, MPEG, Windows Media or Real Media formats. The streaming servers deliver the files with help from a web server, but new protocols have been designed to transfer data in real-time: RTSP, RTP, RTCP, HTTP streaming, MMS and RTMP.

At present, the two most common types of content in the consumer line is the video, movies (32.2% of Internet users) or series (26.9%), and music (13.3%), although the online game also has an important place, both individual play (9.5%) and group (7.4%).

Music streaming

Lots of music streaming sites have appeared in the last years, most of them are free or very cheap services. Nowadays there isn’t a dominant streaming music services, but the most popular are Grooveshark, Spotify, and Pandora. All of them offer great advantages to greatly simplify the search and cataloging of the songs and albums.

Video streaming

Web video streaming is one of the most popular Internet activities. It allows to watch video from all around the world, such as news recaps, tv shows, tutorial or funny videos. Nowadays there are lots of services based on access to content are outstanding on-demand videos over the Internet as Netflix, Google TV, Apple TV, Boxee, Youtube, Vimeo, Hulu or Veoh.


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