New trends in web searching

Google’s success is due in large measure to its powerful search algorithm as well as great support systems that facilitate information retrieval interface based on a really simple service access: the search window. The evolution of these services comes from the hand of the technology that will help refine the results and improve the way in which the user interacts with the service.

Semantic Web

The semantic web is when things are described in a language that the machines can understand and process; the information is related depends on their characteristics. When a user searches something about one topic it’s possible to show him this topic and the things that are related with this by his characteristics, like type of product, size, made by, etc. So, with the semantic the searches are more efficient and oriented to the clients want.

Semantic web is not available yet because of lots of reasons. The translation from the actual web to the semantic must be done by hand and the computational power required to eliminate duplicated terms is not able today. Moreover, there is the problem of vagueness definitions, like “young” for example, due to the non specific searches of the users. Another problem is that some different information is related with topic, so the solution is chosen by probability. However, the most important aspect is the economical problem because with semantic web, web pages that live with the publicity don’t receive visits and don’t receive money.

Two example of semantic web are Portal for Art Collections or AquaringWeb.

Web 3.0

Web 3.0 has been defined along the concepts of semantic web, 3D web, multimedia center web and pervasive web. It is an extension of WWW, which can be expressed with language that can be understood by software agents, thus allowing to find, share and integrate information more easily. Website will be a great alternative to the real world where you can shop, travel, etc. without leaving the desktop. In the web 3.0 machines can read and feel webpages with the same ease with which humans do. This web is characterized and fueled by the successful marriage of technology, artificial intelligence and web.


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