Wikis and Wikipedia

Wikis are webpages whose users can add, modify or delete its content via a web browser using a simplified markup language. Because of that, wikis are the best way to get knowledge about something or share your own to all the community.

There are different types of users of wikis: adders put information, synthesizers resume or change the info, minimalists comment and do small modifications and multiplexors do all those things.  As everyone can edit wikis, there are some mechanisms to manage the information and control the modifications that users do,
like historical. Thanks to that, wikis are a reliable source of information.

Users edit the content of a wiki in different ways. Ordinarily, the structure and formatting of wiki pages are specified with a simplified markup language, sometimes known as wikitext. Here you can see the wiki markup, but the best way to learn how to write in wikis is writing or editing an article.

Altough we always think of wikipedia, a wiki is an online community of users who use that to share information. There are others like Lostpedia, wikitravelwiktionary, lyricwiki or frikypedia.

Wikipedia is the biggest multilingual free encyclopedia build by all the world users. Nowadays is one of the biggest human knowledge organization  in which everyone contributes. The amount of articles, comments and modifications is growing very fast.

Wikipedia is always in construction, so whenever you’re reading an article and you know something new that isn’t there, you can contribute on it!


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