Blogosphera & Microblogging

A blog is a webpage to share your ideas about a topic which is linked to other sites and posted in reverse chronological order (new things are in the top). Blogs are usually the work of a single individual, occasionally of a small group, and often are themed on a single subject. However, everyone can read, comment and share the post through email, twitter or facebook.

At the beginning, blogs were websites where people posted their ideas and people just read them. Now, users get the chance to comment the posts and establish links to interconnect them: the blogosphere.

Even though most of the people use Google or Bing to find blog contents, it isn’t actually the best way to do this. This searchers use your historical to select the things you may find more interesting and they also use pagerank algorithms to sort the results. From a research point of view that fact isn’t as good as it seems, because you probably lose some information. Instead of that, there is an easier way: the tags  (words which attach the blog entry and allow to find contents about the same topic). Moreover, there are new tools to share, manage, link and search contents in the blogosphere:

  • RSS shows new entries in your email client or gReader.
  • mashups mix different kinds of information about a topic from differents sources.
  • Tumblr  allows users to share posts, photos, blogs…
  • linkeddata brings the possibility to search in a semantic way.

Although the blogosphere is a good way of propagation of new ideas, nowadays the number of posts and the amount of blogs are decreasing a bit because microblogging has sustituted it.


Microblogging has become one of the most powerful tools to share contents in the Internet. Like its name clearly indicate, microbloggins means blogging with a limitation of the number of characters, like twitter.

Twitter is the main microblogging service because of its high number of users. In twitter, every user follows other users (famous people, newspaper, institutions, friends) in order to get the information they share. This way, your followers will also see what you share. Every post is called a tweet and has a limitations of 140 characers. Thanks to #hashtags (tags that define what the tweet is about) twitter is a really good way to get information in real time about whatever is happening around the world.

It’s very common to mix social networks and microblogging/blogosphere because all of them links you to other people or content. Whereas facebook or twenty are symetric services where following people means they can see what you post, twitter and blogs are asymetric services where your posts are only visible for those who choose to follow you.

There is no doub that the best way to know how the blog and microbblogging works is building your own, so you can sign up on wordpressblogger (google) or twitter and start expressing yourself!


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