European actions for the Internet development

The Information and Comunications Thecnologies (ICT) Policy is influenced by three main agents: Research & Development, Policy for wider adoption and Regulatory Framework. They determinate the european researches and initiatives, the standards and the regularization.

Moore’s law,  which describes an exponentially increase in long-term trend, is also applicable in telecommunications such the broadband in photonic commercial networks, telephone lines, processors performances and the number of internet.

Next generation Networks: technology issue

We can imagine the future network as a core network, an access network, and a deliver platform to distribute all the services. The next internet will be an infrastructure with routers and switches which will offer: Future Media Internet, Internet of Things, Internet of Services….Tomorrow internet will be whatever you want it to be.

Today and tomorrow internet has to solve limits of current internet architecture such as QoS, scalability, mobility, security….However, Europe is well-positioned in industry, technology, use and research.

Research in the EU Framework Projects (FPx)

Since 1987 European  technology research and development in optical network and broadband access have been very important in the world telecommunications.  R+D+I in ICT have added value at the European level with projects like:

  •  FP6 (2002-2006):  design a broadband for all (with satellite communications, access technologies and optical networks) and a mobile wireless network beyond 3G.
  • FP7 (2007-2013): design and ubiquitous network infrastructures and architectures with optimised control, management and flexibility.
  • Collaborative Projects like DICONET (Dynamic Impirment Constraing Networking for Transparent mesh Optical Networks) where a UPC group have contributed.

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